I'm Jen. This is my blog, I love comedy, art, music, fitness, yoga, cooking/food, movies. I'm a master hairstylist. I'm vegan and eat a mostly farm to table whole foods diet. I model part time. I'm a musician.
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“Today I’m going to be magnificent.” That’s the spirit, dog.

for anyone who says only cats are little shits

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Jonah Hill & Morgan Freeman

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it is crucial to believe and respect girls when they say a guy is giving them bad vibes even if they don’t give you a reason why

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I need perspective on something

If you’re a rational man, I could use some input and a guys point of view on a few things, to better understand my boyfriend and prevent issues based on my inability get where he’s coming from sometimes.

Any help would be awesome.

graze | healthy snacks by mail →

6$ a box for snacks and the proceeds go to the Graze farming school, bringing nutrition to Uganda. I love this site and have one box shipped a week. If you join, your first and 5th box are free and they can match any dietary needs :)


Edward Scissorhands (1990)

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